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Africa Forward changing the narrative

A call to action

Africa Forward

Africa Forward is a groundbreaking initiative co-created by members of the African Chapters of Catalyst 2030 to rapidly accelerate actions that place our continent’s challenges at the heart of collaborative, partnership driven opportunities.

Africa Forward’s objective is to support the next cohort of social entrepreneurs as we collaborate on innovative pathways and solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on the continent.

Our goal is to achieve strategic shifts focusing on five Pillars, evolving the social enterprise and entrepreneurial ecosystem to create strong, supportive and collaborative social impact.


Strategic Shifts

1. Narrative shift

Restructure the approach to African narratives by profiling the African leadership of local social enterprises.

2. Ecosystem development

Undertake initiatives to enable cooperation between governments and social entrepreneurs to strengthen the social enterprises ecosystem through collaboration and wellbeing initiatives.

3. Funding

Redirect approaches to funding to ensure that at least 50% of all funding goes to African led organisations directly, without the use of intermediaries and with particular consideration for youth and gender focused organisations.

4. Job creation and career counselling

Expand the number of jobs in the social sector by 10% and use workforce development programmes and career counselling to recruit skilled African employees and bring young people into the sector.

5. Training and capacity development

Impart practical skills and knowledge on Social Enterprises to help organisations scale their initiatives and satisfy funder accountability requirements.

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