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Buddy System

What is the Buddy System?

The Buddy System helps to integrate Catalyst 2030 values in peer connections to strengthen the community. This system fosters a unique relationship between two Catalyst members, in which they share their experience, provide inspiration and encouragement, helping each other find a way to achieve objectives inside Catalyst 2030, and facilitates access to resources that may be helpful.

The Buddy System focuses on personal bonding between members.The conversations are a space to ignite curiosity and reflection where members can grow to understand each other and further learnings and collaborations.

Although it can be structured, this is a flexible and dynamic process where both members actively contribute to the relationship, building its strength and character.

What does a Buddy System offer?

  • It offers a place for reflection and alignment of the member’s interests, skills and experience, with Catalyst 2030.
  • Provides Social Impact Leaders with peer support and guidance.
  • Provides Social Impact Leaders with personal and professional leadership development tools.
  • Provides an environment for collaboration and networking.

How does it work?

The Buddy System is a four-month long programme. After completion of the form you will be contacted by our team and invited to a kick-off session which includes training on mentoring skills and an introduction to your Buddy.

The programme requires a total commitment of eight hours: two hours for the kick-off and training and six hours to connect with your Buddy!


Networking and bonding
Adapted to different languages
Leadership development
In-person or virtual

How do I get started?

I want to join the Buddy System →

Please complete the Buddy System Application form and we’ll get in contact with you!

I want to know more about the Buddy System

Send us an email!

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