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Shifting the Funding Paradigm

Catalyst 2030 Shifting the Funding Paradigm
Catalyst 2030 is using the power of collective action to achieve a new funding paradigm.

If we are to truly address global crises of our time, it is crucial that the environment that social impact actors operate in enables their work, rather than hinders it. This means ensuring that the funding that drives impact is effective, sustainable, and embraces systems change.

Catalyst 2030 and its members have a vision of a funding paradigm that is grounded in trust, partnership, and collaboration, all with the goal of driving global systems change to achieve the UN SDGs.

Are you a funder looking for how to engage with this work?

Read (and sign) our NGO Urgent Letter

Are you a part of the movement working towards a new funding paradigm?

Let us know what you are doing by completing this short form and join the growing ecosystem map of actors advancing this work. Navigate the map below to see who and what else is out there. This map is not exhaustive but an attempt to bring us all on to the same page. Your feedback, input, and collaboration are crucial for our shared success, so please get in touch.

Kumu Map

How else can I get involved?

Nominate a funder for the Catalyst 2030 Award

Host a session at next years Catalysing Change Week

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