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Friday Garden is an open space to share experiences, learn from one another’s achievements, challenges and setbacks and to support each other, grow our understanding of our work, ourselves and the communities and ecosystems we collaborate with.

People driven development is the ‘seedbed’ for these discussions. But the daily topic will emerge from participants, allowing for the conversation to grow naturally and inclusively.

What does a Friday Garden offer?

  • A safe space where we can come with what's on our minds to share experiences that are puzzling us which we can reflect on together.
  • A space where we can share our experiences that may be similar or very different to those of other participants. People who share their personal experiences here come from different continents and work in different fields and conditions. We accept that all our life experiences - our upbringing, work and education - are vastly different and that this wide range of experiences creates a space where we can grow our characters..

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