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Working Groups

Catalyst 2030 has a number of member Working Groups which are each chaired by a member of the Governing Council.

Each Working Group combines its collective experience and expertise to work on tasks and activities required for the development of Catalyst 2030 as well as projects for the wider social innovation community.


About the working group

Guides, supports and stewards the Catalyst 2030 brand. Provides decentralised tools of marketing and communications that all working groups can use and leverage independently.

Contact person

Nwando Ajene

Selection & Onboarding

About the working group

Co-creates the operating model of Catalyst 2030 to develop a consistent process to continuously grow membership while staying true to its values.

Contact person

Maddalena Conte

Systems Change Learning

About the working group

Aims to provide opportunities for shared learning and the creation of collective learning to inform practice. Recognises that systems change is complex and requires new mental models, processes and organising approaches.

Contact person

Debbi Brock


About the working group


Contact person

Maria Harismendy

Engaging the Private Sector

Chair: Dan Viederman

Endeavours to influence the private sector, for example, companies, towards contributing to positive social and environmental impact.


Chair: Tim Hanstad

Works to more effectively understand, embrace, practice, elevate and promote the principles and practices for supporting systemic change to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Impact Assessment

Co-Chairs: John Kania, Glenn Page

Develops recommendations for a pathway towards a customised evaluation framework that focuses on the further development of the C2030 network and integrates adaptive learning with accountability.

Bonding and Wellbeing

Co-Chairs: Meenakshi Gupta, Asha Murphy

Aims to facilitate the building of trust, community and wellbeing in the membership of Catalyst 2030, through member led, co-created activities and initiatives.

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