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Systems Change Learning Series

The Systems Change Learning Series aims to boost, support and enhance learning for Catalyst 2030 members.

The Systems Change Learning (SCL) Series focuses on amplifying the systems change movement by stimulating an ongoing learning process from and for social innovators in the Catalyst 2030 network and beyond. The team helps members achieve systems level impact by nurturing new ideas, methods and techniques for systems change work. It does this in an ongoing collaborative process of experience and building the sector that influences social entrepreneurship and innovation practice, education and public policy.

The series offers members and their colleagues the opportunity to participate in multiple speaker series bundles. Each series covers a specific thematic focus that consists of two to four part speaker sessions. These are offered in collaboration with a strategic Catalyst 2030 partner, who shares their knowledge of the theme with social entrepreneurs and local leaders closest to the problem also share their learnings.

Core Objectives

  • Provide members with a systematic and organised way to increase their learning of practical skills for social entrepreneurs. This includes skills and learnings from building a board, to funding a social venture, to complex topics like systems change.
  • Create an avenue for collaborative learning opportunities, where Catalyst 2030 members and partners are encouraged to share their own learnings as well as learn from and collaborate with each other.
  • Encourage members to engage in sustained learning, beyond attending one-off sessions, by organising content in a thematic and structured way.

Dive into Learning: Watch the Series

Since its launch, we have offered a variety of thematic sets or bundles. Below, you can browse through our past Learning Series sessions. Keep an eye out for our upcoming sessions by visiting the Catalyst 2030 events calendar.

Networking Learning Series

Thinking and Acting Like a Network

Building Communities through Networks

CCW Networks Session

Fundraising Masterclass Series

Maximising your Value at Convening Spaces

The Building Blocks of Fundraising: Going Back to the Basics

We are All Fundraisers: Everyone is a Fundraiser from Interns to the Board

Working with Governments Learning Series

Experiences Fostering Collaborations with Governments from the Field

Engaging with Governments: Fostering Collaborations between Social Entrepreneurs and Governments

Grant Writing Learning Series

Introduction to Grant Writing: Learn the Basics

Top 10 Tips of Grant Writing

Wisdom from the Social Entrepreneurs

Grantwriting Learning Series

African Marketing and Communication Workshop Series

The Power of Media Visibility

The Power of Communication

Social Impact Educators Series

Pedagogical Tools for Social Impact

Transforming the Classroom with Experiential Learning

Research Trends in Social Enterprise

Fundraising Masterclass

Demystifying the Complexities of the Funder Landscape

The Anatomy of a Funder Visit

Crafting Convincing Funder–Centric Communications

Building a Board of Directors Learning Series

How to Build a Diverse and Effective Board of Directors

Panel Discussion on Engaging Your Board to Achieve Impact

No video available due to nature of private discussions

Relational Approaches to Systems Change Learning Session

Why Relational, Emergent Approaches are Needed to Shift Systems

Enfoques Emergentes y Relacionales son Necesarios para Transformar Nuestros Sistemas

Systems Influencing Session

Beyond the Bounds of your Organisation: Systems Influencing and Why it Matters

The Systems Work of Social Change Series

Complexity, Scale and Depth

Practices of Systems Work

Rallying Supporting Partners

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