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What is the Elders Council for Social Entrepreneurs?

Veteran changemakers who are passionate about changing the world through regular connection and networking formed the Elders Council for Social Entrepreneurs. The legacy, experiences and insights of the Council inspire people who want to engage in free dialogues regarding their enterprises. Key aspects of these dialogues include:

  • Succession planning and transition
  • Founders’ and leaders’ legacy
  • Board development

What does the Elders Council offer?

  • Webinars - A regular series of webinars is run on specific aspects of eldership including succession planning and financial sustainability.
  • Soul Sessions - A place to talk through difficult issues confidentially. The Council is aware that many social entrepreneurs keep their professional and personal challenges to themselves which can build up stress. These issues are more common than people realise. Talking about them can help.
  • Resources - A ‘wisdom bank’ is freely available to members. This is useful for building knowledge and helping members to learn from fellow social entrepreneurs.

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