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Conversation Café

Attend a Catalyst 2030 Conversation Cafe

What is Conversation Café?

Conversation Café is ideal for people who love to network with global changemakers.

Conversation Café is hosted by members that want to start a conversation around a specific topic or project with other Catalyst 2030 members, to spark ideas for future collaboration.

What does a Conversation Café offer?

  • Fosters conversations and exchanges among members
  • Sparks ideas for future collaboration


Global, regional or national event
Adapted to local languages
SDG oriented
In-person or virtual
Conversation Cafe Playbook

How do I get started?

  • Think about a topic you´re passionate about and want to share with other members
  • Think about the specific audience and outcome you´d like to achieve
  • Contact the Community Building and Engagement (CBE) team and get started on the planning!

Upcoming Events

Revitalizing Rural Communities: A Case Study on Motivating Youth to Stay in Farming

An initiative by Lavazza Foundation and Sawa World

Friday, 31 March 2023
2 pm CET | 4 pm EAT

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