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Past Events

Past events, meetings and campaigns from the Catalyst 2030 Secretariat, members and partners can be viewed on this page.

Links to session recordings and presentations will be shared if these have been made available after the event.

CCW2023 Playlist is availble on YouTube

Catalysing Change Week 2023

The theme of CCW2023 was Solutions from the Frontlines, which put into the spotlight a grassroots-up approach to innovation and development as the root of all meaningful transformation. Over 200+ hybrid, offline and online sessions and events took place globally.

Many of these dynamic events were captured on video and shared on YouTube.

Networks Learning Series

CCW Networks Session

Building Communities through Networks

Learn from internationally recognised networks. Speakers included Irina Snissar Lobo from Ashoka, Vanessa Wai from Skoll, Topher Wilkins from Opportunity Collaboration, Tiffany Thompson from Echoing Green, and Bruce Goldstein from Transformation Community. The session was moderated by Brendon Johnson from the Fito Network. Learn how engaging in networks can expand your connections, catapult your learning, and help you to identify funding for your social venture. Learn about the impressive work of the ASPIRe network that engages Ashoka fellows in networks through platform thinking, to spread awareness and collaborate on solutions to make a positive impact on the world.

This session is part of the Catalytic Systems Change learning sessions

Thinking and Acting Like a Platform

Interested in learning how social entrepreneurs can make the move from being problem-solvers to enablers of changemakers across the globe? Join us on 18 April with Irina Snissar Lobo and Maria Zapata to learn more about the Ashoka ASPIRe initiative and their research on engaging in networks through platform thinking.

Fundraising Masterclass Learning Series

fundraising masterclass

We are All Fundraisers: Everyone is a Fundraiser from Interns to the Board

Fundraising isn’t just for the experts – it’s for all of us! Whether you’re an intern or a board member, you have the power to make an impact. Join us as we explore diverse fundraising prowess as nurturers, connectors and askers under the guidance of Lisa Corcoran from For Impact and Natalie Rekstad from Black Fox Philanthropy.

fundraising masterclass

The Building Blocks of Fundraising: Going Back to the Basics

Are you a small-scale start-up or looking to improve your fundraising craft? Need to have all of your team members understand the fundamentals of fundraising? Join us for an educational session where Lisa Corcoran from For Impact and Mallory Erickson from Power Partners Formula will dive into the basics of fundraising.

fundraising masterclass

Maximising your Value at Convening Spaces

Join us for a unique Fundraising Masterclass opportunity on maximising value when attending in-person and virtual convenings like the Skoll World Forum and CCW2023, among others. Learn from Natalie Rekstad (Black Fox Philanthropy) and Claire Wathen (Skoll Foundation) as they share their extensive experience in how to be effective in connecting with strategic partners and potential donors at convenings.

Working with Governments Learning Series

Engaging with Governments: Fostering Collaborations between Social Entrepreneurs and Governments

Do you wish to learn more about how to engage with governments for your social venture? Join us for this exciting learning opportunity with Chitra Hanstad and Claudio Colantoni from Landesa and Yussuf Sane from Tostan, as we learn from their extensive experiences in working with governments.

Experiences Fostering Collaborations with Governments from the Field

Join us for the first session on Working with Governments and learn about the potential benefits of collaborating with the public sector through your social venture, directly from fellow social entrepreneurs. Andre Coleman, Therese Drammeh and Jacob Mathew will be discussing their experiences of working with governments.

Collaborative Events

Global Social Entrepreneurship Week

Catalyst 2030 Regional Panel Discussions

The systems work of social change

Social Entrepreneurs in Action: Hear from the Experts APAC/ASEAN

Inspírate y Embárcate en tu Propio Camino Emprendedor Social
Get Inspired and Embark on your Own Social Entrepreneurial Path AFRICA

Grant Writing Learning Series

Grantwriting Learning Series

Wisdom from the Social Entrepreneurs

Join us for this exciting learning opportunity in which fellow social entrepreneurs will share their insights on how to make successful grant applications. Learn first-hand from social entrepreneurs who have secured funding from donors around the world.
Learn From Donors

Learn from the Donors

Join us as donors give tips on how to make your grant application stand out from the rest! Please be aware this session is purely educational, and it is NOT an opportunity to receive or petition for grants.
Catalyst Creative Brew October 2022

Top 10 Tips of Grant Writing

Ellen Marson and Mark Ruffo share with us their Top 10 Tips for successful grant application writing.
learning for collaborations cover text

Introduction to Grant Writing: Learn the Basics

Join us as we explore the basics of grant writing from identifying potential grants to crafting the written proposal, the team at Landesa’s Ellen Marson and Mark Ruffo will share their experience and useful tips on how to write a successful application.

African Marketing and Communication Workshop Series

This session is part of the Catalytic Systems Change learning sessions

The Power of Media Visibility

The Power of Media Visibility is an attention-grabbing tutorial for social enterprises who want to launch/amplify their social media footprint. The session guides social entrepreneurs through the strategies employed in media planning and execution – from digital to PR – to promote their social venture and create appealing content to engage their target audience.

Social Impact Educators Series

learning for collaborations cover text

Research Trends in Social Enterprise

Trends in Social Entrepreneurship Research aims to provide educators with the opportunity to present and share new work and shifts in trends within social enterprise research with fellow researchers.


  • Sophie Bacq , (Indiana University, Indiana, USA), Moderator
  • Ralph Hamann, (University of Cape Town, South Africa)
  • Johanna Mair (The Hertie School, Berlin, Germany)
  • Satyajit Majumdar, (Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India)
learning for collaborations cover text

Transforming the Classroom with Experiential Learning

Transforming the Classroom with Experiential Learning aims to provide educators with inspiration on how to bring hands-on learning opportunities regarding social innovation concepts into the classroom or training event.


This session is part of the Catalytic Systems Change learning sessions

Pedagogical Tools for Social Impact

Pedagogical Tools for Social Impact is an insightful session offered for educators, aiming to share perspectives of innovative pedagogy resources to prepare social change leaders. This session covers concepts from the social business model canvas to the Ashoka Globalizer systems change crash course and from the Social Change Innovators online knowledge resource portal to a practice-based approach to teaching social entrepreneurship. Educators and trainers are encouraged to share their own pedagogy resources and join us for this exciting session and improve our best practices for teaching!

Fundraising Masterclass

fundraising masterclass

Crafting Convincing Funder–Centric Communications

In this one-hour session, communications expert Rosie Urbanovich will guide you through Black Fox Philanthropy’s proven message development process, offering best practices and actionable insights to boost your fundraising success. You’ll learn to develop smart, targeted, inspiring messages and a toolkit of communications assets to help unlock new sources of revenue.

fundraising masterclass

Demystifying the Complexities of the Funder Landscape

This is the first session in Catalyst 2030’s new Fundraising Masterclass series, a series of bi-monthly sessions to boost your fundraising. In this session, Black Fox Philanthropy Founder and CEO Natalie Rekstad facilitated conversation between esteemed panelists Dana François (W.K. Kellogg Foundation), Catherine Olteanu (Black Fox Philanthropy) and Akosua Ampofo Siever (Root Capital).

Catalytic Systems Change Learning Series

This session is part of the Catalytic Systems Change learning sessions

How to Build a Diverse and Effective Board of Directors

Join Dalberg Advisors and Catalyst 2030 for the Catalytic Systems Learning Series: How to Build a Diverse and Effective Board of Directors. The Dalberg Advisors team will discuss the process of building a diverse and effective board of directors. From establishing strong relationships to increasing board members’ engagement and managing relational challenges, this series on building a strong board will help you to achieve your organisation’s mission.

This session is part of the Catalytic Systems Change learning sessions

Why Relational, Emergent Approaches are Needed to Shift Systems

Join the Collective Change Lab and Catalyst 2030 to deepen our understanding of what relational, emergent approaches to systems change look like through story. Join the conversation as we do collective sense-making around how to articulate the value of relational work and its contribution to systemic shifts and explore practices to cultivate our capacities as leaders to embrace emergence.

Enfoques Emergentes y Relacionales son Necesarios para Transformar Nuestros Sistemas

Enfoques emergents y relacionales son necesarios para transformar nuestros sistemas. El Collective Change Lab and Catalyst 2030 los invita a participar en una doble serie (Inglés y Español) que busca profundizar nuestro entendimiento acerca de enfoques emergentes y relacionales para lograr reales cambios de sistemas sociales. Durante esta sesión tendremos el privilegio de escuchar historias de líderes de cambio colectivo y juntos emprenderemos un diálogo que busca clarificar el valor del trabajo relacional y su contribución para la transformación de sistemas sociales.

This session is part of the Catalytic Systems Change learning sessions

Beyond the Bounds of your Organisation: Systems Influencing & Why it Matters

Jeroo Billimoria (Catalyst2030), Vera Cordeiro (Instituto Dara) and Daniela Papi Thornton (Systems Led Leadership) engaged in a robust conversation on leveraging systems change within your organisation and beyond.

The Systems Work of Social Change

Practices of Systems Work with Cynthia Rayner and François Bonnici

The systems work of social change

Workshop 1: Complexity, Scale & Depth

Workshop 2: Practices of Systems Work

Workshop 3: Rallying Supporting Partners

2021 Events

The People's Report Results Launch

The first People’s Report survey was shared with thousands of people, and we now have a better idea of the lives, the experiences and the concerns of people in a wide range of communities all around the world. We have a snapshot of how the SDGs are influencing our day-to-day lives since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

Download the report | Read more

The Systems Work of Social Change Book

BOOK LAUNCH | The Systems Work of Social Change: How to Harness Connection, Context, and Power to Cultivate Deep and Enduring Change (Authors: Cynthia Rayner, François Bonnici)

The launch of The System Work of Social Change was co-hosted by Catalyst 2030.   View the recording of the Systems Work of Social Change launch.

This book draws on stories of committed social changemakers to uncover a set of principles and practices for social change that dramatically depart from the industrial approach. Rather than delivering solutions or being lured by grander visions of ‘systems change’, these principles and practices focus on the process of change itself. Simple yet profound, these stories distil a timely set of lessons for leaders, scholars, and policymakers on how connection, context, and power sit at the heart of the change process, ensuring broader agency for people and communities while building social systems that are responsive in a rapidly-changing world.

Catalyst 2030 - 2021 reports

Report Launches

Catalyst 2030 members and partners launched several reports together in 2021: New Allies: How governments can unlock the potential of social entrepreneurs for the common good (January 2021), An Investigation into Financing Transformation (June 2021)  and  Catalysing Collaboration: How & Why Corporates & Social Enterprises Should Partner to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (July 2021).

Internally, Catalyst 2030 launched The Theory of Change Report (supporting Catalyst 2030’s vision, mission, values, strategic approach and core principles.) and Catalysing Change in 2020 (the story of our extraordinary first year as a movement).

Catalysing Change Week dates

Catalysing Change Week | 2021

3-7 May 2021

Connect. Celebrate. Accelerate.

Each year, social entrepreneurs, representatives from the private sector, funders, and other agencies involved in systems change gather to showcase their work and the best practices that can accelerate our work in pursuit of the SDGs. 

Catalysing Change Week | 2021 included Catalyst 2030 Award winners and finalists in the programme.

To view session recordings, visit the Catalysing Change Week | 2021 YouTube playlist, or select sessions to watch from the past sessions page.

Karen Spencer and Emily Kasriel

Emily Kasriel and Karen Spencer during the Awards Ceremony

Catalyst 2030 Awards | 2021

The first Catalyst 2030 Awards for Supporting Systems Change were held on Thursday 25 March when we celebrated remarkable allies who are making transformational change possible.

Visit the Catalyst 2030 Awards page, read the press release announcing the 2021 winners  or view the event recording on our  YouTube channel.

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