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Catalyst 2030’s urgent call to transform global education

14 September 2022 | Press Releases

Contact: Nwando Ajene

# Seminal new report to launch during UN General Assembly presents social entrepreneurs’ and innovators’ models to transform education systems

# Catalyst 2030 has called on governments, donors, corporates and academics to support its vision to transform global education systems for the next generation

17 September 2022: Catalyst 2030 has announced its audacious goal to collaborate with the governments of 50 countries and states to transform education across the globe over the next five years.

The rapidly growing movement of social entrepreneurs and innovators, which has some 1700 members, including 1340 member organisations across 197 countries, made the announcement ahead of the upcoming Transforming Education Summit. The summit takes place during the UN’s General Assembly in New York on 17 September 2022.

Catalyst 2030 is already accelerating change in the lives of more than one billion people globally and has now captured proven education models and best practices in the form of a seminal new report, entitled Pathways to Transforming Education: Proven solutions from social entrepreneurs. The report will be launched during the education summit.

“Social entrepreneurs are at the frontline of change and have the answers to problems within existing education systems. Catalyst 2030’s Education Collaboration has brought together successful social entrepreneurs and educators who have worked closely with their communities and partnered with governments, at state and country level, to develop holistic solutions and transformative models of learning,” said Catalyst 2030 co-founder Dr Urvashi Sahni.

These social entrepreneurs and educators have collaborated to capture in the report the proven models and best practices developed by organisations across the globe. The report also identifies key learning principles that enable learners to thrive in their lives and make meaningful contributions to their communities.

The principles presented in the report are as follows:

  1. Learner-centric Models and Learner-led Approach
  2. Skills for Life (Life Skills and Social Emotional Wellbeing)
  3. Learning a Living
  4. Social Justice and Community-based Learning
  5. Learning for People and Planetary Change
  6. Learning for civic participation
  7. Accessible and Inclusive Learning
  8. Learning in Conflict Zones

The rich insights and learnings highlighted in the report reveal that there is immense potential to transform existing education systems. Transformation can take place if these evidence-based learning principles, already successfully tested by social entrepreneurs, are systemically implemented. Given the overwhelming potential to achieve this, Catalyst 2030 has called on all stakeholders, including governments, donors, corporates and academics to support its vision to transform education systems for the next generation.

We ask governments to partner with social innovators to:

  • Create policies to support the implementation of these principles at a national and state level
  • Partner with social innovators to shape the curriculum and train teachers to internalise and share the principles in classrooms
  • Facilitate systemic implementation of transformative solutions at a country and state level through partnerships with social entrepreneurs to scale the reach of successful evidence-based learning models.

We ask donors and corporates to:

  • Provide multi-year, unrestricted funding to social entrepreneurs working with policymakers to shift education systems
  • Invest in capacity building of educators, teachers and social entrepreneurs
  • Collaborate with other funders and offer holistic support to social entrepreneurs, beyond monetary aid, to support the transformation of education

We invite academics to:

  • Participate in the operationalisation of these principles
  • Document the process and report key observations and learnings

Join us at the launch of the Catalyst 2030 Pathways to Transforming Education report on 17 September 2022 at 10:00-11.30 EDT on Solutions Day of the Transforming Education Summit at United Nations Headquarters (CR 12) in New York City.


Notes for editors

Catalyst 2030 is a global movement of social entrepreneurs and social innovators from all sectors who share the common goal of creating innovative, people-centric approaches to attain the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Joining forces with communities, governments, businesses and others, Catalyst 2030 members are changing systems at all levels through collective action and bold, new strategies. Launched at the World Economic Forum in January 2020, Catalyst 2030 comprises more than 1,500 people and organisations who are active in over 180 countries and who directly reach an estimated two billion people. We believe in collective action and that bold new strategies are needed to achieve the SDGs by 2030.

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