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India’s Million Missions

15 May 2023 | Member Initiatives

India's Million Missions report

India’s NPO Sector Report celebrating the enormous contributions of civil society

In this 75th Anniversary year marking India’s independence, a the report India’s Million Missions, celebrates the immense contribution that civil society has made in the country.

This list from the report demonstrates the profound role of the nonprofit sector in India.

Civil Socity Organisations (CSOs)

  • Improve the lives of excluded people and leave no one behind. Contribute to Sustainable Development and are engaged in all the SDG goals and are key stakeholder in SDG 17 on collaboration and partnership.
  • Are places where the common citizen comes together to solve many of India’s problems in every sector of the economy and combine vision with commitment to reach marginalised and disadvantaged communities.
  • Are problem solvers, innovators, job creators and revenue generators and are creating community leaders in every sphere of activity.
  • Are involved in Panchayats ( basic governing institutions in villages) in rural areas and also in urban wards in the country and promote community engagement and participation.
  • Are Economic Engines of Growth and contribute to 2.7 million jobs and 3.4 million full-time volunteers, generating employment figures higher than that of the public sector. A substantial portion of civil society organisations contribute as much as 2% of GDP.
  • Create skilling opportunities for millions of youths.
  • Provide services to millions of vulnerable children in children’s homes, the elderly in old age homes and people with disabilities.
  • Provide services enabling millions of treatments in various mission hospitals and charitable hospitals.
  • Provide shelter to about a million homeless in cities.
  • Spur economic activity by working with millions of artisans, make products and sell and promote crafts and crafts-based livelihoods and the handlooms sector.
  • Work with almost 25 million self-help groups creating livelihoods.
  • Have piloted innovative pathbreaking solutions which the government has taken to scale.
  • Improve the lives of millions of individuals in India and are community focused, grassroots- oriented and people centred to “leave no one behind”.

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