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Press Release: Catalyst Market Launch

7 April 2023 | Press Releases

Catalyst Market

Catalyst 2030 launches new global marketplace for ethical, sustainable products to accelerate the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

New online marketplace boosts social enterprises with a platform for selling handmade and home-grown goods from marginalized communities, attracting millions in funding from organizations focused on regenerative economies like the Skoll and Rockefeller foundations

March 30, 2022 – AMSTERDAM – Catalyst 2030, a member-driven global network of social innovators has launched Catalyst Market, a global marketplace for handmade and home-grown products created with the highest ethical and sustainable standards. Products are available for purchase on a single, non-profit platform, the Good Market, whose growth will in turn support the growth of micro-enterprises around the world.

Catalyst Market includes hundreds of social enterprises, who collectively sell thousands of products from around the globe, with a shared values and a vision for creating a better world by working to accelerate a transition to a regenerative economy. The sale of these curated products creates livelihood opportunities for artisans, farmers and marginalised communities, with a particular focus on producers in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Inspired during the COVID lockdowns and built in the spirit of collaboration and collective action, the Catalyst Market is a future-forward sellers’ marketplace that removes barriers experienced by many social enterprises around the world. It brings more visibility to their products, while reducing e-commerce and trade burdens.

“What started as a crazy idea, now has 150+ entrepreneurs jointly collaborating to create a marketplace that puts people and the planet first,” said Jeroo Billimoria, social entrepreneur and Chief Facilitator Catalyst 2030.

With support from the Skoll and Rockefeller foundations, this truly innovative marketplace, with its open access, free verification and ongoing education and life-long learning support will only grow, providing enterprises often excluded from the global economy, with opportunities to support their own livelihoods, families and communities.

“When we first learned about Catalyst Market – the idea to connect conscious consumers and producers and accelerate the transition to an inclusive, regenerative economy – we were excited about the potential,” said Don Gips, Skoll Foundation CEO. “Catalyst Market fits with one of our core beliefs which is that we are not going to solve the world’s problems without collective effort and breaking down silos – and this is such a great example of people doing that. Today, we are so excited to see how far it has come and what the potential can be for connecting markets around the world. We feel honored to be part of this journey,” he added.

Benefits of selling on Catalyst Market include:

  • Catalyst Market is built to increase collective visibility, eliminating competition with existing purpose-driven online stores and marketplaces.
  • Enterprises with existing online stores or marketplaces can synch their product listings with Catalyst Market.
  • Enterprises that do not have their own online store can add listings and manage inventory.
  • A common payment gateway will make it possible to offer gift cards and place orders across many catalyst enterprises.

Catalyst Market’s participation requirements include approval as a purpose-driven, Good Market-approved enterprise with products available for online purchase either through a company website or via a partner store or marketplace, alongside becoming a member of Catalyst 2030.

Become a Catalyst Marketplace Seller | Verified Sellers List

About Catalyst 2030

Catalyst 2030 is a global network of social entrepreneurs, funders and other social change innovators who believe that collective action and bold, new strategies are needed to address the crises of our time. Joining forces with communities, governments, businesses, and others, Catalyst 2030 members are impacting the lives of millions. Learn more at Learn More about Catalyst Market at

About Good Market

About Good Market
Good Market is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit social enterprise that operates as a digital commons for more than 2,500 social enterprises and networks across 90 countries. All members have a social or environmental purpose, meet minimum sector standards, and operate in a way that is “good for people and good for the planet.”

Media Contact

Nwando Ajene
Communications, Marketing and Media Facilitator | Catalyst 2030

Catalyst 2030

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