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Pathways to Transforming Education – A Toolkit for Systems Leaders to Co-Create the Pathways to Collaboration


Downloadable/printable .pdf document


22 March 2023: World Education Summit


Dr Connie K. Chung with the Catalyst 2030 Education Collaboration


This set of tools is meant to complement the Pathways to Transforming Education Report, which was published by Catalyst 2030’s Education Collaboration in September 2022. The toolkit expands upon the ideas and goals for education that were laid out in the report and demonstrates how these align with the themes presented in the United Nations Secretary-General’s Vision for Education. In addition to complementing the Pathways to Transforming Education Report, this toolkit takes the recommendations made in the report a step further. Its purpose is to initiate discussions that encourage adaptable and sustainable collaborations in education policy and practice. The toolkit offers practical steps that can be taken to support education systems globally as they strive to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically SDG 4, which promotes quality education for all. SDG 4 outlines the qualities of education that are necessary for this century. The hope is that by using this toolkit as a resource, education systems can move towards a more comprehensive view of education that aligns with the SDGs.

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